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Reflective Integration Therapy

a psychotherapy of healing for clients on the autism spectrum


Drawing on the ancient tradition of contemplation, Reflective Integration Therapy™ shows how mantra meditation and reflective therapy can be used with clients with high-functioning autism. The Reflective Integration Therapy™ programme uses the cognitive differences in those with autism, such as innate capacity for silence, withdrawal, intense focus and repetition, as sources of therapeutic healing. 

Reflective Integration Therapy™ offers you a space of welcome and hospitality to personally explore what it means to have autism in a psychotypical world, to gain new levels of personal insight, self-awareness and self-esteem, establishing your unique sense of self in relation to all others. 

View and click below to read more by the founder of R.I.T., Rachael Lee Harris, as well as hear from Rachael about R.I.T. in action.

An introduction to Reflective Integration Therapy™ by the author and founder, Rachael Lee Harris.

Books by Rachael Lee Harris:

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